Innovators of Acoma Horse hair


Designs on the pottery may be etched or painted which have the same meaning. 

  • Bear or bear paw symbolizes power, strength, & courage.
  • Rain bird design represents a swallow which circles, sky city prior to a rain storm.
  • Collared Lizard is good luck and fortune.
  • Kokopelli is a flute player in the southwest that represents fertility. When the kokopelli is found on other pots other than the wedding vessel, it symbolizes healing through the playing of the flute.
  • Desert box turtles are longevity of life.
  • Parrots, our admiration for the parrots is they find  one mate for life which is incorporated on the wedding vessel and other pottery.  The two heads of the parrot signify a couple being one. 
  • Anasazi friendship dancer design.  Anasazi was given to ancestor which means ancient enemy.   The symbolism of the dancers holding hands is the indigenous tribes in the southwest are no longer enemies.
  • Healer design is a traditional healer.
  • Anasazi fish design is sacred due to the fish needing water to live.
  • Kiva steps and ladder represent a kiva that is utilized by tribal members as a prayer and meditation house.
  • Feather designs are significant and are used on our pottery for sacred messages for growth, health, and prosperity.
  • Many of the geometric designs have been handed down from elders and are used to share the Acoma culture in each pottery.
  • Anasazi deer, antelope, and elk design represent freedom.